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The company's work propels a strong drive to combine classical and contemporary South Asian Dance with elements of Western contemporary dance, Indian and Western music, live vocals, technology and physical theatre. Our aesthetics are articulated from the firm bedrock of Bharathanatyam and Carnatic Music with modern concepts and ideas relevant to everyday life.

May 17th - Navadisha 2016- International South Asian Dance Conference pre-launch- talk & presentation at Nehru Centre, London. Click here.

May 20-22- Invited to speak about DKC's recent work FYP at Navadish 2016 - Internation South Asian Dance Conference. Click here.

Srinidi Trust

In 2005, wanting to be able to give back a little something to the multitudinal and multidimensional field of art , we began this endeavour founding the SRINIDI Cultural trust in Chennai, India.Ever since, every year, we have been organising events in Chennai, hosting artists from the world of Dance, Music , theatre and painting. One of the key focus at SRINIDI is to provide a platform for professional male dancers.

1 Larkinson, Stevenage